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The Power of Fashion: Empowerment & Expression

Fashion is a form of self-expression, and a form of nonverbal communication. When we talk about the power of fashion, and how we can feel empowered and express ourselves through our personal style, we are choosing to show not only our personal style, but also taking a stance through our fashion choices.

One way that we can be more mindful as consumers is to do our own research of the brands we choose to wear and support, and ask ourselves what is our connection to a certain brand over another. Do we feel good about brands that give back to the community, do we appreciate local production and fair wages, or do we even know about these ethical matters? Do we use our purchasing powers to give back to our own communities, and local markets? These are all questions to consider when using the power of your dollars to purchase.

I feel it is my duty as a Mother to educate my children in these practices, and show them the possibilities of a creative future, and that supporting and building community is a critical aspect of building a sustainable future. I also encourage you to explore new ideas and build a wardrobe that empowers you and builds up everyone in the process.

When we also share the importance of value, and gratitude to the clothing we wear it creates awareness to our children and appreciation of supporting brands that give back to their communities, and create opportunities for their future.

My daughter pictured wearing a pin, created by the All Power to the People Project.

I feel proud that I can empower my little ones to be bold, and proud, and teach them about issues that can be reflected through fashion choices. When visiting local shops I like to bring my girls with me to show them the possibilities. One of our new favorite local shop is Dish Boutique, located in Oakland, CA, founded by Desiree Alexander, whos leading mission is to create a space grounded in relationships-a place for women to connect and celebrate the joy of looking and feeling good in their clothes. Desiree also supports community programs with donations and percentage of sales to the following programs: Black Girls Code, Hidden Genius Project, and East Oakland Collective.

Dish Boutique is also home to various black and brown Women designers, creators, and educators. You can find the All Power to the People pin is created by the All Power Project, An Original Trademarked Collection made by @fredrikanewton and @owlnwood. You can find more Black and Women owned products on their website here.

For more information on these incredible Women you can follow their social pages below:





Photography by:

Antonette Streeter Portfolio | Social @scenebystreeter

Bayelements Photography | Social @bayelementsphotography

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