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MINDFUL MAMI: The Mami behind the Magic.

First Post...Yay!

So, a little bit about me! My name is Sofia also known as the Woman that never slows down, juggles a million things at once, and has a deep passion to inspire and connect others. Also known as “Mom, Mommy, Mama, Heyyyy, Hellooooo Mommmmmyyyyy!!!” by my daughters call me. I live in the hustle and bustle Bay Area, California and am blessed with two super outgoing, keep you up all night, comedian and off the hook little girls, 6 and almost 3. I’ve wanted to share my journey of Modern Motherhood for a long time now, and am finally giving myself the time and believing that this will create a community of understanding, encouragement, and growth for other Mami's (more about this later). As Mothers we sometimes feel that we are alone in our struggles and challenges, don't know who to talk to that can relate, and even feel judged at times. I am here to tell you that although we all have different experiences and journeys, we may feel and experience the same emotions and frustrations, so when a safe place of understanding and support is created amazing things happen.

I am so proud to finally have the courage and confidence to share my personal struggles, my meltdowns, and my victories, big and small as a Modern Mami- a Latina working multiple jobs from Graphic Design and Visual Merchandising, to a College Professor in Apparel Design & Merchandising commuting over 3 hours a day, caring for two little ones, pursing my own goals and dreams, trying my best to eat healthy and practice some form of self care. It’s exhausting!!! I am so excited to share with you all some resources, tools, and knowledge I have gained to help me along my journey. I am equally excited to learn from you all, and create a community filled with support and understanding. With that I present The Mindful Mami. A Lifestyle blog dedicated to bringing a real life perspective of Modern Motherhood and Mindfulness. I’ll share my journey of transitioning to a more minimal life with my consumption- specifically in apparel and home goods, and focusing on adventures in nature, and activities that are filled with culture, art, and societal expression. The Mindful Mami motto is “Living with less, to experience more”. I truly believe that life can be filled with less material objects, and instead creating lasting memories and experiences.

I created these images to showcase the beauty of being in nature, exploring with my girls, and also showing how thrifted and hand-me-down apparel can be fashionable, while also being mindful of consumption. A huge thank you to my beautiful and talented friend, Antoinette Streeter, who has been such a pivotal Woman in my life to capture some of my dearest moments in my life so far. You can find more of her work here:

I’d love to get to know you all as well! Share your own story and rep your area in the comment! Remember together we are stronger. Sending light and love always.



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