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Mami With a Message: Claudia Munoz

Meet Claudia Munoz, Director of Marketing & Operations for The Chosen Hundred, LLC (DBA: In Luz We Trust), working alongside Linda Garcia helping our BIPOC community break the generational mindset surrounding money, and guiding them to begin creating generational wealth via the stock market.

Co-Founder of Seeds For Change, working alongside Lisa Vera building a community to highlight and support children and caretakers affected by parental incarceration.

Q: What's your Story? How has your journey of motherhood and building community impacted who you are today?

I am a teen mother of two girls. I’ve gone through many high and many low seasons of life. My daughters father is currently incarcerated with an expected release date well into her adult life. She is currently eleven years old, and [her father] became incarcerated when she was six years old. Because of ties to him, I was also charged alongside him, and spent two years fighting hard for my freedom, I was ultimately sentenced to two years of home confinement which I completed last November. I was granted early termination of my three year probation soon after. This year has been a year of new beginnings.

I have since started to work alongside someone I consider my mentor, and soul sister, Linda Garcia. I am now part of a community that is making a huge impact not only in my life, but in the lives of many households. I am also working with my close friend, Lisa Vera, building a community that highlights and supports families affected by parental incarceration. A mission that is very near and dear to my heart. Raising a child with a parent in prison can become very challenging but should also not be something we feel shameful of.

Q: Words of wisdom from your experiences?

My favorite quote right now is, “It was written”. This is something I have to continuously remind myself of, especially when going through hard times. I truly believe that what I went through these last five years was all meant to be. I would not be where I am now, doing what I am doing, working with who I am working with, had I not gone through that season of my life.



Q: Tell us about how you got started in your career with In Luz we Trust, and how your life experiences impacted by your work with Seeds For Change.

In Luz We Trust was created by Linda Garcia (Luz Warrior), and she organically brought me in. Linda and I have known each other via IG since 2013, and have become very close over the internet as we followed along each others journey of motherhood and the many seasons of our lives. I took her stock course last year and quickly became very involved in the community, wanting to learn more about the stock market & creating generational wealth.

My mindset completed shifted. So much so that I grew a passion to spread this information to as many people as possible. Linda began to mentor me, and began to run the ILWT IG account, and the rest is history. I am now Linda’s right hand in the business and we have rapidly grown the community, it is truly a blessing to be part of this movement. It has been more than time for our people to step into their power and claim our is our birthright! I know for sure that our immigrant parents did not come to this country for their children to continue the cycle of money trauma. It is time we break free from those chains.

Seeds For Change was an idea that my close friend, Lisa Vera had in heart for quite some time. Lisa and I went to Junior High School together, and reconnected via social media after I saw that her sons father was also in prison. At the time, my daughters father had just become incarcerated, and I was longing for community and/or someone that could relate to what was happening in my life. Lisa was an answered prayer.

We quickly became very close as we are both raising children with a father in prison. Seeds For Change was born from the passion of wanting our children to feel seen and supported. Often times these children are sort of forgotten. There is a stigma surrounding this subject, as though families should be ashamed of having a loved one in prison. The fact is that when a family member goes to prison, so does the entire family. The anxiety, depression, and helplessness the children experience is something we feel is important to talk about. Seeds is just getting started & we hope to break the stigma, create community, begin conversations, and ultimately be the support these families need to get through this season of their lives.

Q: Thank you for sharing your story, and inspiring others! How can we get in contact with you, and learn about these resources you have shared?

IG: @inluzwetrust // Web:

Look out for our upcoming program coming this fall. It will be an in-depth journey of healing your money wounds and ultimately becoming an investor.

IG: @seedsforchangeorg

Come along on our journey. We are currently attempting to reach families affected by parental incarceration and hope to have open conversations and build community.

IG: @claudiamunozsf

Q: Final thoughts and words of wisdom.

If you have a passion, if there is something that drives you, that moves you, that brings you joy...that is where you want to tap in. Find your tribe. Having a solid support system is key, because when shit gets real, you need that solid foundation to lean on. Last but not least, there is absolutely NOTHING you cannot overcome...NOTHING.




Want to share your story, or nominate a Mami with a Message? Reach out today, we can't wait to build community together, and highlight your message.

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