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We have power in our purchasing


Breaking down barriers and shifting mindsets

Being able to make conscious decisions about apparel purchasing practices is not always an easy task, but the Mindful Mami will instill tools and resources to help make ethical and environmentally aware decisions. The goal is to teach a lifestyle of modest consumption, and minimizing material items for our children, in order to create awareness of waste and the impact on the environment.  With these mindful consumption practices we teach the idea of living with less, to experience more.


Life is busy.  Your'e busy, Im busy, we are all busy, on the hustle and grind mentality.  Mindful Mami totally gets it! But-we have to be mindful of were we are spending our hard earned cash!  Apparel and Fashion is huge amongst the children market, but so is the amount of waste textiles create!  Did you now that the average American purchases about 60 garments a year, contributing to the 16 million tons of textile waste in our landfills!  We not only need to do better for the planet, but for our pockets!  Mindful Mami has you covered for the tools you will need to practice sustainable shopping habits, shopping small, supporting local, living essentially, and teaching our children beyond material items.


Most commonly known as "hand me downs" the idea of wearing clothing that was owned by someone else, hasn't always been seen as a positive thing.  Mindful Mami is here to change that stigma!  Pre loved clothing is a term that is also used to describe clothing that had a former life, but is now living again with the second, and third owner, and beyond! Children are constantly growing out of their clothing and don't always need new!  Pre loved clothing is not only helping create less waste, and textiles out of landfills, but also supports financial stressors and teaches our children life lessons like appreciation, humbleness, and gratitude. Pre loved clothing can come from friends, family, passed down to each child, thrift shops, swap meets, and all the uniques places in between.


Doesn't it seem like every few months kids are growing into a new size, or there are so many little tears in pants, leggings, jackets, stains all over tops?  As fast as children grown, and as hard as they play, we may think we need to purchase more, or new, however, we can first repurpose our clothing, giving it a new and extended life.  What this means, is creating a new use for our old garment.  For example, making a jean jacket into a crop vest, adding pins and patches.  The reusing the scrap sleeves for something else too! The possibilities are endless when creating repurposed clothing! This is a great mindset to teach our children to continue to be unique, be mindful of our spending, and aware of the waste we are saving out of landfills (this is waste that is buried in the Earth, creating toxins and chemical waste).  We will go over more of this as we grow our repurpose program in the future!


What better way to create community, while helping the environment, and teaching gratitude to our little ones than to have a clothes swap! Swapping clothes with a group of friends, family, or local community members can help financial stresses that some may be facing, while also creating less waste and over consumption of clothing.  Swapping for items that we need, while giving others the items that we may no longer need, ultimately gives our clothing a longer life, while creating less waste.  Clothing swaps can also teach children the value of giving, helping others, and practicing gratitude.  Alternatives to a clothes swap is a clothing donation, or drive.  Unwanted clothing can also be donated to your local thrift shop or consignment shop, non profit, church, the possibilities are endless.  The Mindful Mami is working on creating clothing swaps in the near future and teaching others to host their own clothes swap in their community!

Want to share, or teach an online class about Mindful Practices?  Reach out today to collaborate!




Mindful Mami is working hard on creating activities and downloadable worksheets to teach children from ages 5 and beyond how to practice mindful fashion choices! We will cover gender neutral clothing, thrifting 101, clothes swaps, how you can create your own creative looks at home, and so much more!  Want to host an online class about textiles, thrifting, apparel waste, and all things sustainable fashion please reach out today!

Check out our shop for current available worksheets!


Let's create a better future together

  1. Shop small, local designers, and BIPOC owned, this strengthens our local economy and purchasing power.

  2. Shop local thrift shops, or consignment shops: pre-loved clothing helps textiles stay out of landfills.

  3. Clothes that no longer fits or is worn out can be repurposed into a new garment: celebrating individuality.

  4. Start a clothes swap with friends and family, targeting specific needs and sizes, helping lower financial burdens.

  5. When purchasing new read labels, fabric contents, research fair trade, and the wellbeing of factory workers.

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